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Sex: Cure or Make Headaches Aggravating?

SexYou may not be aware of the link between sex and headaches. In fact, according to recent research, engaging in sexual activity during a headache or migraine can have a positive effect. However, research also proves that having sex can cause headaches.

What is the link between sex and headache recovery?

Sex can be a powerful drug for people with frequent headaches or migraines. This is because during sex, especially when reaching the peak of orgasm, endorphins will be released from the brain. Endorphins are natural painkillers found in our bodies. These endorphins can help to relieve pain experienced by the body, including unbearable pain, such as migraines and headaches. However, this will only have a temporary effect.

Migraine goes away during sex

This is evidenced by a study from the University of Munster in Germany. Their research was published in the International Headache Society journal Cephalalgia. They said most patients with migraines or severe headaches did not have sexual intercourse during the headache. However, data shows that sexual activity can help relieve or even stop headaches. They also add that sex can abort headaches and migraines, and can even be a cure for acute headaches.

A questionnaire was randomly assigned to 800 migraine patients and 200 headache patients, asking them to write down their experiences of sexual activity during a headache or migraine attack and their impact on the disease.

The result was that more than one-third of migraine patients had sexual experiences during a migraine attack, and two-thirds of them reported recovery from their migraine. Of headache sufferers, almost a third had a sexual activity of which 37% reported recovery from their condition. In fact, in some male patients, sexual activity is used as a tool for therapy. However, 50% of the rest said that sex can make headaches worse.

Headaches during sex

The International Headache Society’s International Classification of Headache Disorders Second Edition (ICHD-II) recognizes that headaches can also be caused by sexual activity. There are two types of headaches caused by sexual activity, namely pre-orgasmic headaches and orgasmic headaches. Many people think that this is a migraine, but make no mistake, this is a headache. Not a migraine.

Pre-orgasmic headaches occur during sexual activity. It is characterized by pain in the head and neck, and also includes a tightening of the jaw muscles. Meanwhile, orgasmic headaches are more severe than pre-orgasmic headaches, which are characterized by sudden headaches when experiencing orgasm.

Both headaches are more common in men than women. Most of these headaches attack with a short duration, but 15% of those who experience it have experienced headaches for more than 4 hours, so special treatment is needed.

Why can sex also cause headaches?

Headaches triggered by sexual activity usually begin when there is an increase in sexual arousal and suddenly become intense when reaching orgasm.

According to a report published in mayoclinic, headaches during sexual intercourse that strike suddenly are usually associated with:

  • The presence of widening in the walls of the arteries in your head.
  • An abnormal connection between arteries and veins in the brain is the presence of blood entering the spinal fluid space and around the brain.
  • Bleeding into the walls of arteries leads to the brain.
  • Have stroke disease.
  • Coronary artery disease.
  • Use of some medications, such as birth control pills.
  • Inflammation from certain infections.

However, the conditions described above are usually associated with headaches after sex which also cause loss of consciousness, vomiting, neck stiffness, other neurological symptoms, and severe pain lasting more than 24 hours.

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