Cancer Myths You Need to Know Facts About

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Cancer Malignant tumors or cancer can be life-threatening, causing concern for you and your family. There is a variety of information circulating about this disease, ranging from print, electronic, and internet, to people around you. Unfortunately, the information that is spread about cancer is not all facts, some are in the form of myths. Let’s take a closer look at the following review.

Biopsy makes cancer cells spread

A biopsy is a medical test used to detect cancer. When this test takes place, sometimes the surgeon also operates once and this is called a biopsy operation. Many think that when surgery is performed, cancer cells can spread to other healthy tissues or organs.

The fact of the matter is that the chances of cancer cells spreading to other healthy tissues or organs are very small. The National Cancer Institute explained that surgeons perform biopsies using methods and steps that comply with medical standards.

For example, when cancer cells or malignant tumors are removed, surgeons use different surgical tools for each area. That is why the risk of spreading cancer cells is very unlikely to occur.

Drinking milk can cause cancer

Knowing the causes of cancer allows a person to prevent and lower the risk. This is what researchers are currently doing, namely observing things in everyday life that may increase the risk or cause cancer.

Drinking milk in large quantities was thought to increase the risk of prostate cancer. The reason is that the alleged content of casein (milk protein) and the hormone bovine somatotrophin (BST) in milk can trigger cells to become abnormal and become cancerous.

However, Cancer Research UK reveals the fact of the cancer myth that there is no solid evidence that milk can cause cancer in humans. Especially because milk contains calcium and animal protein which is good for the body. Cancer patients can still drink milk so that their intake of protein, calcium, and vitamin D is sufficient.

Cancer is contagious

Fear of cancer may create a myth that spreads in society that cancer can be contagious. The facts about cancer information are not entirely true.

Cancer is not a disease that spreads easily from person to person. The only way cancer cells can spread from a patient to a healthy person is through an organ or tissue transplant.

Based on the report of the American Cancer Society, the spread of cancer in this way is very low, ie 2 cases out of 10,000 organ transplants.

Cell phone radiation can cause cancer

There are many myths circulating about the causes of tumors, one of which is cell phone radiation. The reason is that cell phones emit radiofrequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing radiation, and nearby body tissues can absorb this energy.

However, the facts of this cancer information cannot be proven accurately by research. Radiofrequency energy from cell phones does not cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) conducted a large-scale study on rodents exposed to radiofrequency energy (the kind used in cell phones). These investigations are carried out in highly specialized laboratories that can determine and control radiation sources and assess their effects.

What researchers have learned about cell phones and cancer:

  • Following more than 420,000 cell phone users, the researchers found no evidence of a link between cell phones and brain tumors.
  • A study found a link between cell phones and salivary gland cancer, but only a small number of participants experienced it.

After assessing several studies focusing on the possible link between cell phones and gliomas and non-cancerous brain tumors called neuromas, members of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the WHO World Health Organization) agree that there is only limited evidence to suggest that cell phone radiation is a cancer-causing agent (carcinogenic).

Artificial sweeteners can cause cancer

Sweet foods that you consume can contain natural sugars or added sweeteners. Foods that are added with these sweeteners are true if consumed in large quantities can cause health problems. However, the type of food that causes cancer is an incorrect myth.

Health experts have researched the safety of artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin, cyclamate, and aspartame. From studies conducted there is no evidence that sweet foods can cause cells in the body to turn abnormal.

Even so, the consumption of sugary foods should be limited, especially among cancer patients. Excessive sugar intake can cause uncontrollable weight gain (obesity). This condition was able to reduce the effectiveness of cancer treatment undertaken.

Cancer cannot be cured

Someone who gets a diagnosis of cancer, of course, will feel sad, stressed, and afraid. This is normal because cancer is a progressive disease (it can get worse over time without treatment).

However, fear and sadness can arise because of inaccurate information about cancer that cannot

Things You Unknowingly Make Cold and Fever Symptoms Worse

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Cold and FeverSymptoms of a cold and fever both make the body feel uneasy. Surprisingly, these two diseases can get worse even though you’ve taken medication. Wait a minute. Before blaming drugs that don’t work, maybe some of your habits are the mastermind.

Let the pain just like that

Colds and fevers seem like trivial illnesses that are often ignored. Maybe you also tend to delay taking medication because you think the symptoms are not too severe.

Even so, the more you let your cold and fever symptoms get worse. Ignoring disease is the same as allowing viruses and germs to spread in the body. As a result, your immune system will decrease and the chances of transmission will increase.

The sooner you treat cold and fever symptoms, the sooner you can return to health. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can help relieve symptoms.

Take antibiotics

Both colds and fevers are most often caused by viral infections. So if you have been taking antibiotics all this time, you are doing the wrong thing. Antibiotics are drugs to treat bacterial infections, not viruses. Taking antibiotics will only make the symptoms of colds and fever worse because the virus that causes it has not been eradicated.

Take high doses of vitamin C

Vitamin C can help strengthen the immune system and fight minor infections such as colds.

However, recent research notes that taking high doses of vitamin C is not proven to quickly relieve cold or fever symptoms. Consumption of high doses of vitamin C has the potential to cause diarrhea. In some cases, it can even increase the risk of iron poisoning.

Taking many drugs at once without a doctor’s prescription

Taking many drugs at once without a doctor’s advice does not speed up healing colds and fevers, but makes them worse. Because there will be a risk of interaction between drugs that might cancel the effect of each drug.

If you are taking decongestant medications containing pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine, or oxymetazoline, watch out for side effects that can worsen the disease.

Therefore, be sure to take cold and fever medicine only as directed by your doctor. Ask your doctor if this medicine can be taken at the same time as other medicines, especially if you have other co-morbidities.

Overuse of nasal spray

Nasal sprays containing saline can help relieve symptoms of colds and fevers. However, if it is too excessive, this treatment gives the opposite effect.

If you use a decongestant spray for at least three to four days, your nasal membranes will swell even more. So, use this drug only with a doctor’s prescription according to the recommended dosage.

Not drinking enough

Every time you are sick, your fluid needs increase. The reason is, the liquid is useful to help liquefy the mucus that is blocked in the nose so that trapped viruses can come out through the snot. The less you drink, the more inflamed your cold and fever symptoms will be.

In addition to water, you can meet your fluid needs by drinking diluted juice, hot tea, or soup broth which can help relieve cold and fever symptoms.

Lack of sleep

You need extra sleep when you have a cold and fever. Because sleep can help the body fight infections that make you sick, although it sounds cliché, this method can help speed up recovery from colds and fevers that you are experiencing.

A study shows that sleeping less than 7 hours each night can increase the risk of getting the flu by three times. If the symptoms of a cold and fever make you wake up frequently in the middle of the night, you can work around this by going to bed earlier or taking an adequate nap.


If you have a cold or fever but continue to smoke, it’s best to stop immediately. Smoking in a healthy body condition can damage the lungs, especially if it is continued when you have a cold or fever.

When you smoke, the harmful substances in cigarettes will enter the body and slowly damage the lungs. As a result, the lung cells will be more difficult to fight infection so you will often cough. This also applies to those of you who are often exposed to secondhand smoke, which is called passive smoking. The impact will be the same as being an active smoker, you know.

Too stressed

Too much stress can reportedly be the reason why your cold or fever gets worse. This is because stress can affect the immune system by forcing it to work harder. The more stressed you are, the longer colds and fevers last in your body.

Steps to Connect If You’re an Introvert People

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Introvert It will be difficult to reach your career and life goals if you do it all by yourself. It takes several heads from various circles to contribute to achieving these goals. This is where the role of network connections is needed in your life. However, for introvert people, just getting acquainted with strangers makes them lazy, let alone having to communicate to build connections. People who have an introverted personality, especially when added to their shy nature, are sometimes labeled as people who don’t like to hang out with new people and make connections. But don’t worry, if you’re an introvert, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time making connections.

Here are ways you can use to establish a connection:

Follow your instincts, be yourself

Humans are social creatures who need each other. According to experts, humans are not naturally shy, but there is something that happens to these humans who do not want to open up about it. Sometimes, even for introverted people, when he hears that introverts are inseparable from the word ‘alone’, their instinct as social beings will encourage that person to occasionally come out of their introverted nature.

Also, don’t forget to be yourself. Sometimes, introverts think that they have to act like extroverts to build connections. Being yourself is the best, be yourself who is not explosive but sincere and humble in building connections. In other words, it’s okay to be a little awkward, just don’t keep apologizing for your awkwardness.


This seems trivial, maybe people don’t even think about it anymore. Sometimes at an event, you’re so busy thinking about how to start the conversation that you forget you’re walking around with a frown on your face. Serious faces, sullen, and angry are things that look scary. People will be happier to meet people who smile while saying simple words such as good morning, happy eating, and so on.

Start small and don’t miss the chance to say hello

If you feel too intimidated to meet people you don’t know, start building connections with people you do know, such as relatives or friends. Building connections doesn’t always have to start with people you don’t know at all. Another fairly easy tip is to build connections with your friends during school or college. Selma mater friends are the golden target for making connections. So, don’t be afraid to get back in touch with your friends while you’re still studying, who knows they may become part of your network of connections and can work with you.

If you are also shy, attend events that are in line with your interests. With this, you can build a connection by expressing what you are interested in at the event. Building connections isn’t about finding common ground, it’s about how you express your interests. If there’s someone at the event you don’t know who wants to meet you, take the invitation. If you are in a “networking” session, ask the event organizer to help you introduce yourself.

Or maybe, take your friends to the event, and ask your friends to introduce you. Being introduced is easier than suddenly coming to strangers. What if no one introduces you? Take a deep breath and strengthen your confidence. It’s always better to try than to pass up the opportunity.

Once you know the person’s name, call the person by their nickname. Experts argue that people prefer to hear their names. So, in communicating, don’t forget to mention the person’s name. Doing something like this will make the other person more comfortable, and feel like you and the other person already know each other.

Stop apologizing

People who are introverted and socially awkward sometimes apologize a lot because according to them, making connections and chatting with strangers is something that annoys other people (because they often feel annoyed when they are reprimanded by strangers). Making connections is one part of building relationships. If you keep apologizing, it shows that you lack professionalism and lack of confidence. Don’t keep apologizing if you ask your connections for help or advice. It could be that in the future, it is your connection that needs you.

Establish two-way communication

It’s much better to have two-way communication than having someone else lead the communication and you react passively. If you are not confident with spontaneity, here are some tips you can do:

  • Prepare what you will talk about as an opening communication. Also prepare answers that other people might ask, for example, what is your job, what are your interests, and so on.
  • Try to write down your questions first. For the opening stage, your questions don’t always have to be too difficult to answer, for example:

“What attracted you to this field?”

“What is your hobby?”

“What do you dream of in your future career?”

Health Fact: Is It True Smoking Can Make The Penis Shorter?

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Health As we often see in cigarette advertisements, smoking can cause impotence. In health, yes, for men, nicotine can cause erectile difficulties. However, in addition to causing impotence, he said smoking can also make the penis shorter. Wow, really?

Can smoking make penis size shorter?

Smoking can cause lung cancer, it is an unavoidable fact. So is impotence, but what about ‘penis shortening’? It turned out to be true too.

Loh, really the size of the penis can change when we have gone through puberty? Penis growth does stop after puberty ends. Everyone has a different time, some guys will probably have a fixed penis size at 16 years old, and some may have a longer time.

How does smoking affect penis size?

So how can smoking cause penis size to be shorter? Several studies do prove this statement. Actually what is shortened here is the size of the penis when erect. The size has decreased due to the substances contained in cigarettes. One example is nicotine.

When nicotine is inhaled (both for active smokers and passive smokers ), these substances will enter the blood vessels. Meanwhile, for an erection, you need healthy blood vessels (arteries), so that they can widen, so that blood will flow to the penis. The blood will be trapped in the corpora cavernosa (part of the penis) and an erection occurs.

Well, what is the relationship between nicotine and blood vessels? Nicotine can cause hardening and impair the elasticity of blood vessels. Researchers found damage to the flexibility of blood vessels not only occurs in the lungs and heart but also in the penis. As a result, your erection will become shorter because the blood vessels cannot dilate as normal. You certainly do not want, do you, penis size to shrink due to the puff of cigarette smoke that you inhale?

This statement is reinforced by a Boston University School of Medicine study involving 200 men, the results concluded that smokers have a shorter penis size when erect compared to non-smokers. Even though you can still get an erection, you still don’t get the maximum size when you get stimulated.

Of course, this will be a problem for you and your love relationship. The shrinking size will affect your psychological condition so various psychological problems begin to appear. Over time, this condition can also trigger difficult erections or erectile dysfunction.

Smoking also lowers sperm quality

Yes, in addition to shrinking in size during erection, smoking can affect sperm quality. This can affect the sperm’s ability to fertilize an egg. Sperm become unable to survive to make their way to the egg.

Sperm cells carry two proteins called protamine 1 and protamine 2. But based Mohamad Eid Hammadeh, Ph.D., lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of the Saarland, Germany, quoted by WebMD, said the average smoker only carries protamine 2 only. This imbalance makes sperm vulnerable to damage.

Although the sperm cells successfully penetrate the fallopian tube, the sperm is unable to fertilize the egg due to the imbalance. Still, according to Hammadeh, men must stop smoking for three months if they and their partner are undergoing a program to have children or an in vitro fertilization (IVF) program, aka IVF, where fertilization is carried out in a laboratory with medical procedures.

Can the penis return to its original size after quitting smoking?

Quoted to Men’s Health, there are about 20 men who quit smoking, and the result is that the penis can be erect with a longer size. Of course, you may rarely measure your penis size when erect, so it looks normal, there is no difference. Especially when you have been a smoker for a long time, you certainly do not realize the size of the penis before smoking. But you can try to measure it, before and after a few months of quitting smoking.

When you stop smoking, blood circulation increases again, blood pressure returns to normal. If you have erectile dysfunction, then after quitting smoking, the ability to get an erection will slowly return. The benefit of getting rid of erectile dysfunction and penile shrinkage is that you become more confident and get your sex life back.

Quitting smoking is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There are several ways you can do this, from drinking ginger tea to hypnosis. The important thing is that you don’t just give up.

Is Sex Really Powerful to Improve Sports Performance?

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Sex Muhammad Ali always ‘fasted’ sex for at least 6 weeks before a major competition. Several teams that participated in the 2014 World Cup then issued strict regulations not to have sex before the game. Because the coach believed that sex could interfere with the performance of their players. Plato says Olympic athletes should avoid sex before competition day.

On the other hand, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reportedly distributed 450,000 condoms to all athletes during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Some athletes have acknowledged that in the Olympic Village. Sex is a common activity between Olympians and volunteers (Just look at the sex scandal between Usain Bolt and a Brazilian woman at the 2016 Rio Olympics).

Is there some truth to the influence of sex on sports performance, for better or for worse?

Sex increases testosterone production, which boosts athletic power

Some people believe that the act of ejaculation pulls testosterone, the hormone of both sexual desire and aggression, from the body. Others also believe that sex will only make athletes tired, which can lead to injury.

“This is a very wrong idea,” said Emmanuele Jannini A., a professor of endocrinology at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, reported by National Geographic.

Jannini has found that sex stimulates testosterone production in men. Thereby increasing aggression — and this is exactly what you want for an athlete. In contrast, says Jannini, men who chose to abstain from sex for three months (with or without a partner). Showed a decline in their testosterone levels to pre-pubertal levels.

In addition, the idea that sex the night before a competition is believed to have a tiring effect on athletes or that it can weaken athletes’ muscles is refuted by many experts. Sex is not a very demanding exercise. If you have to compare, sexual intercourse between married couples only expends approximately 25-50 calories (up to a maximum of 200-300 calories). Equivalent to the energy needed to climb two floors of stairs.

A small study (involving only 10 female Olympic athletes and 11 male athletes) reported by Mic found that frequent masturbating athletes were associated with an increase in athletic performance. With a more than 10% increase in agility and approximately a 13% increase in general strength. Regular sex with a partner also appears to give athletes something of competitive advantage. Though much less than those who regularly enjoy solo sex: intercourse. For example, showed a 3% increase in agility. Athletes who believed sex made them perform better showed a 68% greater potential for better sports performance results after sex.

One study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found testosterone (which men release during orgasm) helps strengthen leg muscles and strength — even though testosterone is given as a supplement, not sex.

Sex is believed to be an alternative antidote to injury for athletes

Sexual activity can help with muscle soreness after a game or other sports injuries in women. According to Barry Komisaruk, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

The same thing was shown by male athletes. The reason: When men orgasm, their bodies release a powerful combination of dopamine and prolactin. Which can hijack your brain to make you feel less pain.

“At least one mechanism by which sex blocks pain is that it blocks the release of a neuropeptide called substance P, which is a pain transmitter,” he says.

His study found that female orgasms produced a strong pain-fighting effect. The effect, said Komisaruk, can last up to 24 hours afterward in cases of chronic pain, such as muscle pain. Komisaruk also found that vaginal stimulation had a strong effect on muscle tension in the legs, increasing in some women and debilitating in others.

Sex helps relieve pre-match anxiety

There is a belief that sex can distract athletes from focusing on the game. They believe that sex will take over the function of logic, and instead fill their heads with memories of the previous night. Which makes athletes more susceptible to being distracted even before the whistle blows.

Juan Carlos Medina, the general coordinator of the sports department at the University of Mexico’s Tecnologico de Monterrey. Told CNN believes that sexual intercourse is beneficial for athletes. “Sex helps you feel relaxed and satisfied sexually, mentally, and physically,” she says. “This contributes to reducing athletes’ anxiety levels before important matches.”

In one study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine And Physical Fitness. Researchers gave both endurance and weightlifting athletes a series of concentration and athletic tests after intercourse and found that having sex earlier did not interfere with concentration (provided it wasn’t done two hours earlier).

Improving the quality of sports performance is believed to be only a placebo effect

When it comes to the psychological effects of sex on sports performance and how it

Recognize Injuries and Disorders of the Finger

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Injuries Almost every daily activity that you do involves both hands and fingers. This means you are exposing your fingers to various dangers and risks. Therefore, it is very natural that the fingers are prone to injury. So, what are the types of finger injuries that you might experience, and how to deal with them? Come on, see the full explanation below!

What are the types of finger injuries?

Actually, not only the fingers are susceptible to injury, but also the toes. Well, your fingers are lined with a lot of nerve endings when compared to the rest of the body.

Injuries can easily damage these nerves. Many types of finger injuries are quite common, such as the following:


Although classified as very common and very trivial, this is one injury that you still need to pay attention to. Starting from scratches, and peeling skin, to swollen fingers are finger injury problems that you should also pay attention to.


Your fingers and toes can also be sprained. Usually, this injury occurs due to being hit by a hard object, for example being hit by a ball that shoots at high speed.

The incident then caused the joint surface to be impacted thereby sustaining this injury. Usually, this condition can also be referred to as arthritis due to trauma.

Injured fingertips

You may not be aware, but this condition can also occur on your fingertips due to car doors or glass doors. Usually, accidentally, your fingertips are scraped off until they are cut and bleed.

Not only the tips of your fingers but the tips of your nails can also be damaged because of this. If this condition also causes finger bones to break, you may have a bone infection.

Subungual hematoma (blood clot under the nail)

This condition often occurs due to pinched fingers, for example when your fingers are caught in a door. However, not only, this injury can also occur if there is a heavy object that accidentally rests on a finger or toe.

Initially, this condition will indeed cause pain and aches. However, if you get proper treatment from a doctor, the pain may be reduced. In addition, proper handling can reduce the risk of the nail falling off.

Broken bones

Finger or toe injuries that may occur are fractures or bone dislocations. This is one of the conditions that you also need to be aware of.

Tendon injuries

Make no mistake, it turns out that you can also experience tendon injuries in your fingers. Usually, this condition occurs due to impact on the finger. During this injury, the affected tendon is the one that attaches to the bone and tears.

Nerve injury

You can also experience nerve injury to your fingers and toes. This condition can cause decreased tactile sensitivity in your fingers. The reason is that damaged nerves can cause numbness in the fingers.

What are some common finger disorders?

In addition to injuries, your fingers can also experience various disorders that affect the function of tendons and joints. Here are some disorders that attack the fingers and have the potential to cause injury if not treated immediately:

Trigger finger

When experiencing a trigger finger, the fingers will lock in a bent position so they cannot be in a straight position. Yes, this condition can cause limited movement of your finger because it cannot change position.

This may be due to swelling of the tendon. These conditions then prevent or limit you from controlling your fingers.

De Quervain’s syndrome

Meanwhile, De Quervain’s syndrome is another disorder that occurs in the tendons of your thumb. This can be painful, especially when your wrist is moved or when you try to reach for an object.

Not only that, but experts also suspect that this syndrome occurs due to swelling of the tendons, but there is no definite cause for this condition. However, repetitive motion can make the pain worse.


This musculoskeletal disorder can also cause swelling of the fingers along with pain, stiffness, and numbness. Swelling is a very common condition of the fingers.

Sometimes, the temperature can also be a factor that triggers swelling. At high temperatures, your blood vessels can dilate and release more fluid into the soft tissues, causing swelling.

However, in addition to the swelling, according to Medline Plus, osteoarthritis can also cause deformities in your fingers.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going on a Diet

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DietThe effective way to lose weight is not by reducing the portion of food, but by consistently living a healthy life. In addition, the more knowledge a person has about how the body works, the more successful the method of diet will be. But this generally applies to people who are quite healthy, have a functioning body metabolism, are normal, and do not experience hormonal problems. To successfully diet and consistently live a healthy life, there are generally a few basic questions you should ask yourself.

Questions to answer to start your diet

When you’re losing weight, you should ask yourself a few simple questions. These questions will help you figure out whether the food will help you in achieving your goals or not.

Below is a list of questions that can be a good start. Study this question and ask yourself regularly, as it will lead you towards weight loss and improve your overall health.

Is the food I eat every day healthy?

This is the most important question because not all the foods you eat contain the same calories. If you eat the wrong foods, you can gain weight and your hormonal changes can mess up.

It is recommended to eat nutritious healthy foods such as fibrous vegetables and fruits, eat whole grains that can keep you full for a long time, and consume enough water.

The healthier the food you eat, the better your body will function, and the better your body will work using calories and metabolizing fat. Reduce processed and packaged foods that can make fat in the body more and more

Am I eating enough protein?

The protein you consume will affect and reduce body fat to build muscle. Consume high-protein foods such as eggs, nuts, lean chicken breast, milk, and fish as part of your daily healthy diet.

Is my sugar consumption excessive?

Eating too many foods that contain sugar can hinder the weight loss process (or even cause weight gain).

Sugar can stop your body from feeling full by inhibiting the hormone Leptin. Leptin is responsible for signaling to the brain that you are full. When the hormone leptin decreases, the body becomes more and more seeking sugar intake, and you tend to eat more sugary foods.

Sugar is not only obtained from sweet foods, excess sugar consumption can be obtained from rice, noodles, or bread which are often used as daily staples.

Am I eating enough vegetables?

Vegetables contain various substances called antioxidants. Plants produce antioxidants to fight free radicals which function to slow down aging and protect healthy cells in your body.

To lose weight, try replacing half your portion of rice with green vegetables. No need to be afraid of hunger, because vegetables contain fiber that can make you full longer and contain vitamins and other important minerals.