The Parental Involvement Plays Important Role in Modern Philosophy of Early Childhood Education. Some Interesting Facts for Your Consideration

Is the Parental Involvement into Early Childhood Education at Preschool Really So Important and Why?

The modern philosophy of early childhood education considers parental involvement into the early childhood education during preschool period as one of the key aspects among those which considerably influence the development of a child. This phenomenon is not difficult to understand, since during the stage of early childhood - from birth to age six - the child's brain and personality develop much faster than during any other subsequent periods of a person's life. Through a number of natural factors parents happen to be the most principal teachers in a child's life. Having this idea in mind, the specialists of early childhood education at the reputable, good-quality infant care programs, such as the one in Brookline as well as a preschool in Brookline, in every possible way encourage the parental involvement and provide for it in their early childhood education programs.

Any wise and caring parent should recognize the importance of parental involvement with his or her kid education and development on the earliest stage of mind and personality development, since, as it has been revealed and proved by extensive scientific research, the subsequent academic success of a child at school predominantly depends on such aspects as parental involvement during the crucial development stages of preschool and the early school years. Our Brookline preschool supports the modern tendency in philosophy of early childhood education, which gives the most careful consideration to parental involvement factors (read

Our Brookline preschool as well as our Brookline childcare center perfectly realize all the considerable benefits of parental involvement for both children and their parents, and are doing their best in order to encourage this process. Parental involvement has proved its beneficial efficiency in various aspects of child's development besides the purely academic ones, for instance, development of skills and development of the parent-child bonds. The transition between home-based education and leaving the familiar home environment in order to attend our Brookline preschool goes much easier and stress-free for children with high share of parental involvement into their early education experiences.

Through our program of many-sided encouragement of the parents to become and stay involved in their child's early educational experience at our Brookline early childhood education establishments (the childcare center and the preschool) we have been able to demonstrate to children the paramount importance of learning. Children come to realize the interest in their education and diversificated development demonstrated by their parents and through this realization they are also encouraged to do better than average. Another message of paramount importance that a child is able to learn in the process of parental involvement is the necessity to develop and maintain positive partnership connections inside the family itself and the larger community beyond the family, since the child comes to understand that he or she is an important integral part of this larger unity beyond the familiar but smaller unity of the child's family.

In our Brookline early childhood education establishments, both the toddler's care center and the preschool, for which your kid will inevitably head for in due time, we are trying to explain to parents different ways and methods to become and stay involved into the child's development experiences: for instance, a parent can act as a classroom helper, or just make a conversation with the kid about the school day, or read to the child before going to sleep - there is a good number of different ways to become involved.

From personal comments and opinions expressed by parents of children who attend our Brookline early childhood education childcare center and/or our Brookline preschool, it becomes totally evident that by taking care to provide good opportunities to interact with their child's teacher or caregiver on a regular basis is also very beneficial for parents themselves. Through parental involvement program we made the children's daily activities more evident and understandable for their parents. Another advantage of parental involvement activities is the opportunity to meet other parents at the Brookline childcare center and preschool, whose children attend them together with yours, and share the experiences, getting possible advice in case of problems. This provides for better understanding of the future years for your child, of what the education beyond the preschool would possibly be like - which is an important aspect for the future educational success of your kids!